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These books can be downloaded in PDF form, read and also published in hardcopy form and sold by anyone interested. Be sure to read the terms of use first. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader and Winzip for the files.
The books can be printed and published in any hardcopy form desirable, but it is recommended you use the paper back format used for comics and magazines.
Look out for new stories each month (the second week).

Click on the images or text links to download.

A Colourful BuBuh Tale
Two friends learn the value of living in racial harmony in this hilarious short story by A. K. Onadiran and I. I. Sule.
July 2003.
File size: 479kb
Open as PDF

Ejiro & The Boy From Nowhere
Ejiro runs into a funny homeless boy on her way back from school. A short story by  I. I. Sule.
August 2003.
File size: 1.63mb

Dauda Bangi & The Wimp Dragon
You have to be tough, strong... and crazy to get the person you love.  A short story, set in Hong Kong, by  I. I. Sule.
September 2003. 
File size: 424kb

eSwap 'Em
How would you survive the trip through your computer?  A short story by  I. I. Sule.
October 2003. 
File size: 313kb

Five Pictures, Five Poems
Five fun poems based on five pictures by  I. I. Sule.
November 2003. 
File size: 942kb

Two Short Tales
Two delightful stories for children and adults alike, by  I. I. Sule.
December 2003. 
File size: 740kb

Dash Vs Kichikichi
Being a super-hero's no easy job with a villian like Kichikichi. Another hilarious tale from  I. I. Sule.
January 2004. 
File size: 617kb

Kaduna Shades
Super specs saving Kaduna City. A tale from  I. I. Sule.
February 2004. 
File size: 457kb

Titbits Plucked Out
Real-life accounts from I. I. Sule.
March 2004. 
File size: 228kb

The Hunter & The Bull
A boastful hunter meets his match. A story for children and adults too by I .I. Sule.
April 2004. 
File size: 2.03mb
Well, that's it - the short story series have to stop here due to factors like lack of enough web space and a lot of other work taking up most of my time. I have to say, though, that it was a really thrilling experience for me. I'd like to thank all you delightful surfers who actually patronized this page and downloaded my stuff. I was really impressed by the number of people who actually visited this page to check out what crazy/sci-fi/fun short stories this Nigerian had to dump on the web. Don't worry, I may be back again soon with more short stories. I hope you had as much fun with these stories as I did. Just keep smiling...


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