Computer viruses are posing more and more of a serious threat to computer users worldwide. The internet, email the illegal reproduction and distribution of some software, amongst other factors has helped boost the spread of these viruses. I have included this page of links to virus information online so you can learn more about them and how to protect your computer systems from disasters. Please, learn more and find out how to enhance your computer system's security and safety.
Frequently asked questions
The following are links providing answers to some frequently asked questions about computer viruses:


Virus types
These sites list out the various kinds of known viruses which infect computer systems and damage them:

Virus news
Keep abreast with the latest computer virus news:

Virus protection and antivirus software
Here are links to information about protecting your system from virus infection and downloading antivirus software:

Norton antivrus

McAfee antivirus

PC-cillin2000 antivirus

Innoculate IT antivirus