So life has been written
When hope seems gone too soon
The rising sun and moon
Over the deserts and green plains
Do nothing to lessen your gloom
Somehow you don't seem to matter in this world
Like a helpless child in a darkened room
Pondering what the future bears for you
Search within your mind, deep there the truth looms
You are someone
True, complete life with meaning
For so it has been written

Who shall
Who shan't
How he shall be
How he shan't
Even she
When you shall smile
When you shall grieve
The map to how you'll live
Not just what you want to do
Can you do
But dwell not in despair
Anger and sorrow
Hate, all for your mind and heart to share
Sheer luck not the case
In this world, this tiring place
Everything has its sweet, its bitter taste
So take heart
Live to do your best good
And what won't harm or please you
Can't harm or please you
Just smile
Do try, no point always worrying
For so it has been written

Let dwell not in worry your mind be
Strive on your daily chores, toils and righteous happiness
Amidst the strains and duress
You are one of creation work's finest
The stone shalt not trip thee
Were it not written to be

Watch them
The creatures, birds, plants and beasts
From the bearer of  most strength to the one with the least
So life seems to no longer make sense
Watch them
How they read the stories of life
Watch, let them teach you
Play and strife
Mercy and vengeance
Learn well, variety makes well for existence
Always intertwining
For so it has been written.


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COPYRIGHT ISMAILA IKANI SULE, Ikani's Homestead, '22/2K+1 (Nigeria, W/Africa).