Mutant In Kaduna

While protestors worldwide have been campaigning against the cloning of humans and other such genetic experiments deemed immoral, one mad scientist (and illegal petrol dealer) in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria, took it upon himself to create super-heroes. Yes, super-heroes with all those fantastic powers who could be sold of into slavery around the world for "big bucks".

This man (identity withheld, in case he really is mad enough to sue this reporter), oh, this sick man even had the nerve to invite guests to his home to dinner so he could unveil his first super-powered being to them all. A child. A mutant. He said he was a fan of the X-Men, yes let's face it so many people are so let's not ruin their good names...

With courage and unrivaled daring, our undercover reporter provides Ikani's Homestead surfers with exclusive video pictures of the mutant child unleashing his tzoo, tzoo laser eye-beam powers in the mad man's sitting room. We advise caution when viewing this video clip - there may be something else better on TV. (Download Flash Player6 to view the clip, if you haven't already)

Right, CLICK HERE for a quick view of the video clip.

Have fun.



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