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Welcome! Looking for more free desktop wallpapers, T-shirt print designs and clipart from Ikani's Homestead? Well, keep checking this site because it will be updated from time to time with new designs you can download and use for free. Have fun!

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More Desktop Wallpapers

Here are some free wallpaper designs for your desktop. Click on any of the thumbnail images below to get the large-size picture which you can then right-click and select the "Set As Wallpaper" option from the menu displayed.

Happy day - 800 x 600

Green - 800 x 600

Street - 800 x 600

Riverside - 800 x 600

Riverside - 800 x 600

Sky - 800 x 600

Roadside - 800 x 600

More T-Shirt Print Designs

Click on any of the images below then save or right-click and select "Save Target As..." from the menu that appears. You will then have to get some T-shirt transfers paper (such as Hewlett Packard's HP Iron-On T-Shirt Transfers available in shops dealing in computer accessories), print out your
desired pictures on them then follow the package's instructions on how to iron the transfers on plain (white) T-shirts. Carry out print tests on ordinary sheets of paper first (you can insert the pictures into Word documents and resize if necessary). The images are  already in mirrored forms as needed for your convenience. 
If you don't want the images mirrored, use the 'Poster' links.

Farmer - Mirrored  |  Poster

Fashion - Mirrored  |  Poster

Forever me - Mirrored  |  Poster

Soccer themes

Magnificent save  - Mirrored  |  Poster

More Clip Art

Liven up your typed work and documents with some cool pictures! Click on any of the images below to view its full size. Save it on to your computer and then insert it into any of your documents or include it into your clip art collection (for example, Microsoft Word's Clip Art Gallery). Have fun!

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Artwork by Ismaila Ikani Sule