How To Add Your Link To The Marketplace And Send A Book


More and more people have been sending me mails asking me to include their links on Ikani's Homestead so I thought up a new idea and redesigned the Marketplace. The older versions of the Marketplace ran into some problems with people making online payments for their classified ads (especially when payments to Nigeria are involved) so I changed the mode of payment - I need books to read so people can send me those instead (if they can). NO MORE PAYMENTS IN MONEY TERMS. I'm interested in learning more about the peoples and cultures of the world and have been looking for reading material from 'everywhere'. So, I'm accepting links for books.
Here's what you have to do for me to add your link:

  • Send the URL address to you site and indicate the book you are going to try to send to .
  • Indicate 'Link-For-A-Book' in the Subject matter of your email.
  • Links here are mainly for products and services-related sites.
  • Only accepted links shall be included - YOU SEND THE BOOK(S) AFTER I INCLUDE YOUR LINK(S).
  • English text please.
  • You MUST indicate you are sending a book and the book's title.
  • Don't worry if you are not able to send the book, I'll include your link anyway if I like the site - but it may not be permanent.
  • Books sent and the senders shall be listed on the Who Sent A Book page with my gratitude (plus good P.R. for your site, product or services).
  • The book may be old or new but must be in good condition and complete (no missing pages).
  • The minimum number of pages for the book is one (1) - haha.
  • The maximum number of links I'll accept for each book is three (3) i.e. one book can get you three links placed.
  • Comics, magazines, newspapers (these first three not older than 6 months), palmphlets and eBooks can also be sent - nothing Nigerian though (I can get those myself)!
  • No porn or other offensive stuff please.
  • Post the book(s) to -

Ismaila Ikani Sule,
53, Yakubu Avenue,
P.O. Box 581,
Kaduna, Kaduna State,
Nigeria, West Africa.

If it's an eBook which is not too heavy, you can send it to the email address indicated earlier.

Any book will do, but my favourite reading matter include -

  • sci-fi books
  • educational books - computer-related ones especially, tourism info, history, etc.
  • children's books (however simple)
  • comics - DC, Marvel, Asterix, Tintin, Beano, Buster, etc.
  • computer magazines
  • any thing else nice.

Hope to hear from you. Have fun.