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The Marketplace
About Ikani's Homestead Marketplace
Ikani's Homestead has proved to be more than just the simple personal homepage I put up to share with the world - it's become the most successful homepage I've made so far (out of many others) and I've all you lovely people patronizing it to thank. The Marketplace is another page I've added to the site for people wishing to use Ikani's Homestead to promote information about products, services or any news they would like to get out to as wide an audience as possible.

There has been recent increase in small-scale businesses and even large-scale businesses as individuals seeking affordable means of placing their messages online. Ikani's Homestead Marketplace is just the sort of page they need. Add your messages to the fun homepage today!

- Ikani


Why the Marketplace?
Ikani's Homestead has a lot to offer 
  • being a site designed to work as a useful default homepage on computers with easy access to favourite sites plus lots of free artwork and entertainment gives you the chance to pass your message on people with such interests using the site daily
  • it provides you with affordable access to Nigerian web surfers as well as surfers from around the world
  • you get a whole page dedicated to your message


Marketplace rates
Messages can be placed in three (3) ways:
  • For $5 / N650 per month - a page designed for you with the message you specified, the period of time for which the message is to remain valid and three (3) pictures [additional pictures cost $1 / N150 each]
  • For $15 / N1,900 per month -  the same specifications above, but a thumbnail picture linked to your page is placed on the special Spotlight section at the top part of the Marketplace page with a more prominent view; the Spotlight section is limited to ten 10 messages only so if no space is available in a month, the next month will have to be used
  • For $20 / N2,500 per month - have a link placed on the Marketplace pointing to your own website or an advert page you have designed and placed somewhere else already; this way you are not limited to just one page alone and you can change your page contents whenever you please; separate Spotlight charges to be added for placing your thumbnail link in that section


Unacceptable ads
The Marketplace does not take adverts for products or services generally deemed as illegal or offensive such as adverts for sexual services, narcotics, fraudulent proposals and other criminal activities. Adverts for cigarettes and alcohol, adverts using messages and/or images deemed unsuitable for safe family viewing shall also be rejected.


Yes, I want to place my advert
Please write to the email address below, stating your interest in placing an advert on the Marketplace, and find out the best means of making your payments either online (gift certificates from Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com are acceptable as forms of payment online using email) or via other means (electronically, with cash, cheques, etc.):



Have a lovely day.

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