Ikani's Homestead Free Books - Terms Of Use
While all rights remain reserved, the copyright holders with works on the Ikani's Homestead Free Books page grant their permission to individuals or organizations wishing to reproduce this work in hard copy form and sell for profit, provided 
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  • such intending publishers must include their names and contact details for purposes of identification on the published work. 
  • these books works are to be reproduced exactly as they are  with EXCEPTION to alterations or modifications made only to text type-face or page dimensions to fit the individual or organizationís taste. 
  • advertisements and images or illustrations must be maintained in the same positions relative to the text. 
  • printing may be in colour or black and white. 
  • it is understood that neither the authors of these works nor Ikanishomestead.com shall be held liable for any individual or organizationís action with respect to any laws governing publication in their respective countries.
  • it is understood that all characters, distinctive names and likenesses thereof, persons and/or institutions used in these works are fictional and any similarity between them and those of any existing living or dead person, or organization/institution are, thus, purely coincidental and not intended.

Proceeding with the reproduction and sale of these works indicates acceptance of these terms and any new ones which may be communicated to you at any later date as needs may warrant.

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