TAMAR ENOCH 1969 2001

Tam died on the December 29th, 2001 shortly after giving birth to a new baby. She was 33 years old and left behind a little daughter, Mimi, her husband and the baby.

I knew her for about a year, then I was working with her in the customer services section at World Web Limited, Kaduna, an Internet Service Provider. She was such a friendly, nice person always willing to help others whenever she could sometimes staying so long at work that shed begin to worry about her daughter Mimi. Sometimes shed bring Mimi over to the office and wed take turns playing with the cute little girl. Poor Mimi, shed lost her father some years ago in a ghastly car accident (Tam remarried) and now shes lost her mother as well. Tragic.

So, life goes. Death is a part of life and sooner or later we all get a taste of it.

We can only pray we end up amongst the best things in this world and the next.

I had to pay some last respects to a departed colleague.



This had been Tams homepage I designed for her.